October 29th 2016

A Time of Transformation!

Come Celebrate Your Life  With New Tools For  Living 
A Day of Empowerment and Enlightenment!
Enhance You! Embrace You! Emphasize You!
Sponsored by the Goddess and the Moon
603 8th Avenue S.
Nashville, TN. 37203
615.707.2990 or  615.251.9833
Nashville Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 140898
Nashville TN, 37214
Admission 1 canned food item or $5 for Martha O'Bryan Center
or Pet food
On this page you will meet more of the wonderful merchants, psychics, energy workers and body workers who will be joining us for
Spirit Fest!
Is hand-smithed sterling silver and fine silver jewelry set with healing stones. Stephanie Powers is a silver smith and PMC specialist. She is in tune with the stones and crystals and works with their energy to create each piece uniquely to each stone. She does commissioned pieces as well specifically for your personal healing.
A Heathen/Viking based sticker company. BVV sells viking based stickers. Look for the Viking A-Frame tent when visiting Spirit Fest! Bumper stickers, wall quotes, or altar crafts!
This year we will have a local authors table where you can meet the writers and get a signed copy of the book they have written. We are very excited about this aspect of Spirit Fest and we hope you will be as well.

Author of Chasing the Rainbow, all about how to run a festival
Spell it Correctly, all about spells and how they work
and A Death on Sunday, all about murder.

 December 12, 2015 Climate Accord was an important start, but experts agree it went only halfway to saving the Earth and all her inhabitants from global warming. Adults have done what they will... now it is up to the young to save us all. The Healing of Gaia tells a magical tale of the children who take us the rest of the way to safety, providing concrete actions even young ones can take, spiritual practices they may want to incorporate, and positive real-life role models for them to emulate, all wrapped up in a fairy tale of hope for the Earth and a magical stag, and victory for the children who save them.
     This Green Book Festival Award winner is a fairy tale for our presently endangered world, designed to encourage and facilitate efforts by children of all ages to save her. "Nelson taps into a powerful modern fantasy of saving the Earth, and her hallucinatory, colorful illustrations help tell the story. A warmhearted, hopeful book."  - Kirkus Reviews
     Autographed copies of The Healing of Gaia: How Children Saved Grandmother Earth will be available at SpiritFest 2016. 8.5x11, 107 pages, $20.00.

Rowena has lived all over the United States, but as a child her family settled in New Orleans and she soaked up the culture and the magick. By the time she was ten years old she was already writing poetry and short stories. Rowena began studying ancient books and searching for the secrets of the Universe in the stars ever since. Her studies have lead her to discover most of the world's religions, and this has influenced her witchy naturalism. Her book, Voices of the Stars, an Authurian tale, has recently been published and has been widely accepted and wildly acclaimed. Rowena's book and CDs will be available for sale at Spirit Fest!

She is a practicing witch and medium. When she's writing it usually feels like she's merely taking dictation for the Voices running amok inside her head. Those Voices are often spirits demanding their stories be told. She is multi-published in fiction and has two non-fiction titles: Give it To Your Guide: How to Connect With and Accept Help from Spirits and Every Thing You Ever Wanted to Know About Spirit Boards But Were Afraid to Ask. Her fiction is best described as Witch Lit,  sizzle and spice and some things not so nice. Her Odessa Stories series was channeled to her by her spirit guide, Odessa, and is a somewhat fictional account of her past life.
She currently lives in Nashville, TN with a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter, and Odessa, a mouthy spirit guide with a fondness for snakes. She can be found online at www.jezebeljorge.com and her spirit guide Odessa blogs at www.odessamerci.com.
Using materials that have been reclaimed, recycled, wild crafted or harvested from Florida to North Appalachian. Each piece is unique and handcrafted. You will find wands, staves, brooms (besoms), alter plaques, tiny altar tables, spell soaps, and an assortment of other Craft supplies.

Offers beautiful handmade jewelry and he also does Spirit Paintings which are amazing and unique and open up your psyche.
My Road to Wellness

Bryce currently works out of the Dunn Chiropractic offer and has his own private practice as well. He will be offering massage while at Spirit Fest, it's the perfect way to relax after a long day of shopping.
Herbs, Stones and Bones
Dan has worked at becoming a master of all things he wants to do, so in his pursuit he has made a lot of cool things ... and learned a great many things in the process ... he grow plants for a day job (hence, the herbs ) ... during  his seldom downtime he goes into the forests and collects geodes and takes a lot of beautiful pictures of wildlife (hence the stones and bones ) ...
He brings to you his favorites from these small adventures in his life ... it may be a box covered in pyrographic art, or bones from a recent find, or a collection of stones (bought or found ) turned into what have you ... or it may be as simple as the herbs he grows... Dan hopes you enjoy what you see, and have a wonderful story to tell him...
Is a caring 4th generation authentic psychic. She receives messages from spirit and offers gentle guidance. She has a unique gift for reading old souls and answering questions you long to know. She will guide you in search of love, happiness, health, career, and business. Tiffany is clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and psychometric (to obtain info by touching or focusing on a person). Tiffany has the ability of remote perception (travel clairvoyance). Her psychic consultations are 100% confidential and she prides herself to ethically high standards. She started doing professional reading in Clarksville Tennessee in 1998. Studied Healing Touch Reiki in 2000 in Jensen Beach Florida. Then decided to continue on a healing path. Since then, she has gone to massage school in Nashville Tennessee in 2009. Continuing to educate herself in CranioSacral and Medical QiGong. Today, She does Medical Massage Therapy, and has a focus on patients with PTSD and anxiety. Tiffany is also currently working towards her Master Herbalist training.